What should I store in my Homebase?

The Homebase is best used for dry products, such as crackers, potato chips and cereals. It can easily store a loaf of bread, but the best way to keep the bread depends very much on the type of bread and the ingredients. For more information on storing bread, please see the “bread” section in the food storage database.

The Homebase is great for storing coffee beans, keeping them fresh for a very long time, without the loss of flavor.

We don’t recommend storing fruits or vegetables in vacuum that can be eaten with the peel on. It is recommended to prepare foods that (may have) come into contact with soil (for example by blanching or cooking them) prior to storing them in vacuum. Bananas should never be stored in vacuum.

Foods that need to be kept at low temperatures, such as peeled or sliced fruit, should be stored in in the fridge or freezer in a Vacuvita container or vacuum bag.

Do not place crisp, dry foods and humid products in the same Home Base. Moisture will migrate from the humid products to the dry ones and may cause them to turn soft or soggy.

Storing food in your Homebase

*Foods that need to be kept at low temperatures should be stored in the fridge or freezer in a Vacuvita container or vacuum bag. Always use proper food saving techniques to avoid food-borne illness.

** Do not allow water or liquids inside the Vacuvita Home Base.

For a list of more products and preservation times, please see the food storage database.