What should I store in my Vacuum Containers?

Like the vacuum bags, the Vacuvita containers are free from BPA and BPS and come in a variety of sizes.

The containers are freezer, refrigerator and microwave safe, so they are perfect for storing salads, soups, pre-cooked meals or leftovers to eat at a later time.

Just make sure to always remove the lid before placing the container inside the microwave. The containers are also great for marinating.

Marinating usually takes around 24 hours, but the Vacuvita system can bring it down to just 20 minutes! Vacuum helps to open up the pores of meat, fish and poultry, allowing the marinade to get absorbed more quickly.

Storing food in your Vacuum Container

* Some foods, such as tomatoes, saffron or pepper based soups and sauces may cause staining of the plastic surfaces. This is not a malfunction and has no effect on the operation of the containers.

For a list of more products and preservation times, please see the food storage database.