What Should I store in my Vacuum Bags?

Vacuvita vacuum bags are BPA- and BPS-free and come in a variety of convenient sizes. The bags can be opened and resealed, so it’s very easy to use only one portion of the contents and store the rest away for a later time! Do not re-use the bags used for raw meats, fish or poultry.

Besides long-term storage, the bags are ideal for sous-vide cooking. This is a cooking technique that is based on the principle of slowly cooking your food under a vacuum in a temperature-controlled environment.

If you want to keep delicate products, such as potato chips and cereal, you can try one of the Vacuum Containers or the Homebase.

Storing food in your Vacuum Bags

* When vacuum packaging items with sharp edges (e.g. dried pasta or skewered products) in Vacuvita bags, protect the bag from punctures by wrapping items in soft cushioning material, such as a paper towel. You may want to use a Vacuvita container instead of a bag.

For a list of more products and preservation times, please see the food storage database.