Store food longer with vacuum.

With vacuum storage you can store your products up to 5 times longer. The Vacuvita system is best suited for both short- and long-term storage. Use the easy access storage mechanism to store your daily food in reach, or use our external vacuum solutions for long-term storage in the freezer or cupboard. You can enjoy fresh food and save money too.

Room temperature No vacuum Vacuum
  Baked goods 2-3days 5-7days
  Coffee, tea 30-60days 365days
  Cookies 120days 300days
  Dry Foods 10-30days 30-90days
  Nuts 30days 90-120days
  Pasta (uncooked) 180days 365days
  Potato Chips 5-10days 20-30days
  Rice (uncooked) 180days 365days
Fridge * No vacuum Vacuum
  Berries, fresh 3-7days 8-20days
  Cooked meals** 2days 6days
  Desserts 5days 10-15days
  Deli Meat 3days 6-8days
  Fish, fresh 2days 4-5days
  Lettuce 3days 6-8days
  Meat, cooked 3-4days 8-10days
  Meat, fresh 2days 6days
  Meat / Sausages,
cured or smoked
90days 365days
  Nuts 30-60days 120-180days
  Poultry, fresh 2days 6days
  Spices, fresh 2-3days 7-12days
  Vegetables, fresh 4days 6-12days
Freezer * No vacuum Vacuum
  Baked goods 6-12months 18months
  Bread, rolls 6-12months 18-36months
  Coffee, beans 6-9months 18-27months
  Coffee, ground 6months 12-34months
  Deli Meat 2months 4-6months
  Fish, fresh 6months 18months
  Fruit 6-10months 18-30months
  Meat, fresh 6months 18months
  Meat, minced 4months 12months
  Poultry, fresh 6months 18months
  Spices 3-4months 8-12months
  Vegetables, fresh 8months 24months
*when using vacuum bags
**depends on ingredients.