Vacuvita Home Base

The latest kitchen innovation

The Vacuvita Home Base will equip your kitchen with a multitude of vacuum storage possibilities. This well engineered vacuum storage system will keep your food safe from oxygen, moisture and other factors that negatively affecting its shelf life. You can keep your snacks crispy and keep your home baked goods from drying out. Start enjoying fresh food every day!



Your everyday items

Crackers, snacks, cupcakes. You want to open your packaging, eat a snack and place the rest in a place that will keep the food crispy and fresh. That’s what the Home Base does for you. With one touch the lid opens, you place your food inside, you close it and you’re done. Ever noticed your snacks get spongy after a few days? With the Home Base you can enjoy your dry products for months. Just leave the food in its original (opened) packaging, store in the Home Base and use them again days or weeks later. They’ll be as crispy as they were when you had just opened them!

Easy to Handle

The only Vacuum System with “Easy Access Storage”

The lid of the Home Base opens when the sensor on the front is touched. After closing the cover again, the system creates a vacuum that keeps your food fresh. Because the system is easy to handle, it is easy to store your food, the sustainable way.

External storage possibilities

The convenience of vacuum storage can be extended by using our bags and containers. The Home Base can be used as a vacuum food sealer so you can store vacuum sealed foods in the fridge, freezer or pantry. Just connect our vacuum tube to the container or bag and with one touch of a button, the Home Base will extract the air from it. Complete your kitchen with Vacuvita vacuum products like Storage Containers and Vacuum Bags.


Engineered to fit your life

The patented technology of Vacuvita will guarantee a more pleasant experience by removing the hindrances of most of the competitor’s products by being easier to use. It’s more than just a machine. The design is different and will fit great in any kitchen. The ‘Easy Access Storage’ possibilities will make your life more pleasant. Nobody likes to throw away food so let the Vacuvita products help you.

Vacuvita Home Base

The main unit of our system, the Home Base is the perfect way to keep your food fresh right on your counter top. It can also be used to apply vacuum to external containers and bags.

Complete Container Package

This container set is the easiest way to extend vacuum food storage to your pantry, fridge and freezer. Consisting of 4 containers in 3 sizes, you will find a suitable one for any of your food.

Vacuum bags - Medium

Vacuvita medium bags are ideal for freezer storage and sous-vide cooking. Made out of durable, multi-layer materials, our bags will keep the moisture inside without letting oxygen through. Each box includes 15 x 2 quart bags.