Resealable Vacuum Bags

For storage or cooking, quality bags are a must!

The durable vacuum seal bags are perfect for long-term storage of meat, vegetables, fish or poultry. Vacuum sealed food products will be protected from freezer burn and last much longer without losing their color, flavor and nutrients.


Vacuvita bags will keep your food compact and will assure optimal use of your freezer space. Properly sealed and frozen, some foods can last for several years. Vacuvita bags are BPA and BPS free and made out of a multi-layered plastic that is stronger than what most competitor’s use.


Resealable with zipper

The vacuum freezer bags are resealable, so you can just take out the quantity you need and reseal the bag for further storage. This will prevent unnecessary waste of plastic or food.

Your everyday meats and toppings can be stored in bags in the fridge so they keep their taste and freshness longer.

Sous-vide preparation

As professional chefs know, the secret to the tastiest and most tender food is to use the sous-vide technique. By sealing your food in the Vacuvita bags and simmering it at relatively low temperatures you’ll preserve and develop all the flavor and juices. If you love to cook, try sous-vide and amaze your friends and family!


Complete Container Package

This container set is the easiest way to extend vacuum food storage to your pantry, fridge and freezer. Consisting of 4 containers in 3 sizes, you will find a suitable one for any of your food.

Vacuum bags - Large

Vacuvita large bags are the best option for long-term storage in the freezer. With the re-sealable zip, you can always take out just the amount you need and save the rest for later. Each box includes 15 x 1 gallon bags.

Vacuum bags - Medium

Vacuvita medium bags are ideal for freezer storage and sous-vide cooking. Made out of durable, multi-layer materials, our bags will keep the moisture inside without letting oxygen through. Each box includes 15 x 2 quart bags.