Technical specifications

We have considered different shapes during the design stage of our product.

The benefits of square and rectangular containers are much higher compared to other dimensions. Possibilities for stacking and easy storage have been the key features we wanted to have in our easy-to-use products. Square and rectangular containers proved to be much more practical for storage as they use the space more efficiently.

We have had many requests for transparent containers. In order to keep the negative effect of light on food freshness to a minimum, different designs have been considered. In the end we opted for containers with a small transparent window. It is big enough to see the contents of the container, but small enough to prevent light from affecting the color and nutrition of its contents.

All the food compartments are made from BPA- and BPS-free plastic.

Yes, to prevent the seal from deteriorating the Vacuvita Home Base will have an extremely durable rubber seal strip.

The Vacuvita Home Base is designed to be used in specific territories and will be delivered as a one of a kind model. All clients will receive adapters suitable for their country or instructions on how to choose an adapter that would be most suited for use with the Home Base.

Yes. You can always send us an email at info@vacuvita.com. We have a small team so please excuse us if it takes a while for us to respond.

Our small container has a volume of 1L(1.06 quart), medium – 2L(2.11 quart), large – 4L(1.06 gallon). Please consult our products page for more detailed information.

The containers fit in the dishwasher perfectly and are dishwasher-safe. This is also true for the vacuum hose. The Vacuvita Home Base itself contains electrical parts and therefore is not dishwasher-safe. We recommend cleaning the Vacuvita with a soft cloth and some non-aggressive soap.

Yes, the system comes with a power cord. The Home Base will need a 14v DC Power adapter which is included.

Not at the moment.

No, the system works with a low voltage and only uses a bit of energy when it is creating a vacuum. When the vacuum pressure is sufficient the system doesn’t use energy, except for the LED and the power adapter itself. At some points the pump will use some power to maintain the vacuum. When used correctly, the Vacuvita Home Base will actually save energy. The production of food requires quite a lot of energy and saving food will reduce your energy footprint.

The different blinking lights on your Homebase have different meanings. They usually indicate that there was an error when trying to create vacuum in the Homebase, a container or bag. Below is a list of the most common errors and how to resolve them. If the error code you are receiving is not listed, or if you experience difficulty resolving the error, please contact Vacuvita customer support for more information.

Lights blinking on Homebase