Ordering and delivery

There are two reasons for why you are unable to see your password reminder email in your inbox. It might have ended up in your spam folder, so be sure to check it just in case. Another reason for that might be that you simply do not have a customer account – if you have placed an order prior to April 1st 2014 a customer account was not created automatically. Please create a new account and email us at salessupport@vacuvita.comwith the details of your existing order and account(e.g. name and email), so we can link the two for you.

When a new account is created, the system does not automatically check for existing orders from customers with the same name or email address. If you would like to add your older orders to your account,send an email to salessupport@vacuvita.com with all of your details(order number, email, name) and we will link them for you. Please note that Indiegogo orders cannot be added to the accounts as those records are stored in a separate database that is not connected to the website.

Our system does not allow users to change their shipping address – changing it in your account does NOT affect the existing order. If you have moved and/or would like your order to be sent to a different address, please email us at salessupport@vacuvita.com at any time before delivery.

Due to high demand, shipping will take longer than what you are used to. You will be notified when the order has been shipped. If you have questions regarding the shipment, please contact info@vacuvita.com

Send an email, written in English or Dutch, to: salessupport@vacuvita.com

We charge
$4.95 for orders under $150.-
Free Shipping for orders above a total of $100.-