The Vacuvita app

Keep track and get notified

Sometimes you just don’t know what you have left in your freezer. What’s in it? When did I place it there? Can I still use it? How much do I have?

The Vacuvita app brings the solution; A perfect overview of your food in your pocket – for your iPhone or Android device.

The Vacuvita containers can be scanned and also bags can be added. You can conveniently scan the contents of your containers without breaking the vacuum seal. When food is nearing its shelve life you’ll get a message so you can consume it in time. You’ll know exactly what you have, so you can plan your meal – even if you’re not in the kitchen.


A more sustainable lifestyle

By giving you an overview of what you have stored, the app will help you reduce food waste and help you plan groceries and meals. Smart food storage management can save your household hundreds of dollars’ worth of food each year and it can reduce your environmental footprint significantly. And it’s fun to do!


Storage app, for Vacuvita customers

Vacuvita customers can download the app for free and start using it straight away. The app is currently downloadable in beta version because we like to implement all our customers’ input over the next few months. It is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. Let’s make life easier and more sustainable. Start using the new Vacuvita app today.

Download the App now!