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What’s ‘in’ this autumn

What’s ‘in’ this autumn

With fashion week drawing near many of us are anxious to see the showcase of new trends from emerging artists and designers all over the world. The most classic and cutting edge of all fall collections however, comes from Nature. Her bold colour palate never fails to impress even the most cynical among us. Besides the changing of the leaves a lot more goes on in the autumn showcase, that we don’t even realise. With every changing season her new models emerge bringing with them ancient and unprecedented beauty, vitality and sustenance.

Like when buying fashion couture one needs to take care in preserving these precious and unique gems. When properly cared for they can be enjoyed for years, even generations.

The same can be said for the autumn harvest. With dozens of vegetables coming into season it’s a shame to let them go to waste so why not take a minute to learn about storing your autumn bounty to enjoy throughout the winter months.

Freeze them.

Blanching and freezing vegetables soon after they are picked serves to ‘lock in’ the flavour and freshness of the produce. Freezing is the preserving method where the end product most closely resembles the taste of fresh food. Vacuum sealing them in our bags or containers will prevent freezer burn and extend the longevity of your vegetables.

Can them.

Canning involves placing vegetables in airtight containers, typically glass jars, and so prevent bacteria getting to them. Canned good can be stored on shelves for years, if required.

Dry them.

Drying dehydrates the vegetables, removing all the water along with the bacteria, yeasts and mold spores that can live and thrive in moisture. Besides altering the texture of the food, drying also modifies the taste, typically concentrating it.

Cook them.

There are a multitude of soups and sauces that you can make and keep in the freezer to be used at your convenience during the long winter months.

Fashions fade, style is eternal – Yves Saint Laurent

Gardening has been trending in recent years; sprouting a generation urban farmers with the best of intentions; striving to get back to their roots by growing their own food. Many of which (myself included) have watched even the humblest, crops go to waste; not knowing that with a bit of research and preparation we could have saved a lot of waste.

Which is good, because waste is never in style.

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