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Storing homemade cookies and cookie dough

Nothing beats homemade cookies and when you make them, you make a decent size batch.
However, recipes for cookie dough are seldom for less than 10 cookies so you easily bake too many of them . Here are our tips on how to keep cookies fresh:

How to store homemade cookies?

Now, the best way to store a freshly baked cookie is to place it in the Vacuvita Home Base. This a lot more effective than storing it in conventional airtight containers for cookies as the Home Base actively removes the air every time you close the lid.
However, to assure that you don’t waste any of the cookies at all is to bake smaller amounts and freeze the left-over dough.

Store your cookie dough

Place the amount of dough that you would use for a small batch on 2 sheets of parchment paper and roll it into a log. Repeat this until all your left over dough is formed into logs.
Put the logs into the freezer for an hour and then transfer the logs to a Vacuvita vacuum bag and remove the air. Keep the vacuum sealed logs in the freezer until you start craving cookies again.
Simply remove one log from the bag, let it warm up for 15 minutes and cut them into cookie sized slices. You are all set to bake your new batch of cookies!


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