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Best way of storing fresh fish

Best way of storing fresh fish

Nothing beats eating fresh fish; but did you know that fresh fish, properly prepared and packaged will last in the freezer for up to and exceeding two years? Here is how.

Step 1: Get your hands on some good fish.

  • Pro tip: Buy your fish from a specialist. They will have handled it with the upmost care and respect up to and including point of purchase.
  • Intermediate pro tip: Don’t be tricked into buying garbage fish. If you find a fish sale and think ‘that price is too good to be true’ … leave it! Or like, if a guy is selling fish from the trunk of his car… leave it. Step away from the fish.
  • Weird tip: When shopping, fish should be the last thing on your mind. Meaning in the interest of keeping it cold and fresh it should be the last item on the list. Unless you roll with a cooler full of ice. Once you have procured your fish then you need to hustle to get it home before it goes ‘fishy’.

*We at Vacuvita, do hereby decree that no fish, whole or otherwise, should ever smell fishy.

Fresh fish has a clean, smell, like seawater, any deviation on this smell is a sign of spoilage. Barring that spoiled fish may also feel sticky to the touch and be covered with a slimy layer. These are all bad qualities to have in a fish.

Now that you have a nice piece of fish, here’s what you’ll want to do do to keep it fresh.

Step 2: Keep it cold! Refrigeration inhibits the naturally occurring bacteria that cause our food to spoil. Specialists recommend that you lay it ON ice and put it in the fridge.

Step 3: Keep it dry! Bewared of melting ice. Yes, thats right; fish does not keep well in water.

Step 4: Freeze fresh fish fast! If you can’t eat your fish fresh off the line a good way to keep it fresh is to freeze it.

Vacuvita pro tip

Slow forming ice crystals will ruin the texture of fish so the best way to get your fish ready to freeze is to chill it, portion it, pat it dry and vacuum seal it in our bags or containers. Removing the air is the best way to prevent frost from forming, preserving and protecting your precious poisson. Once vacuum packed put it in the freezer.

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