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Appetizers and party snacks! Prepare well in advance and store for later if you have some left.

Organizing a party can be a bit troublesome some times. Luckily if you have a Vacuvita system you can prepare many appetizers and snacks far in advance.

Store homemade appetizers and snacks properly, before and after

Salsa, guacamole, hummus or other dips or spreads can be stored in the fridge overnight without losing flavor and without oxidizing if you vacuum seal them properly. Homemade toast or potato chips can be stored in our Home Base days before your first guests arrive and still taste oven-fresh when you serve them. Good storage containers can help spread out preparations over several days, which will help to reduce the stress associated with organizing dinners or parties.

A favorite appetizer of mine is fruit-skewers. These take some time to make, but because vacuum storage containers keep the food from oxidizing, you can make these the evening before and they will still be delicious when your dinner or party starts.
Everyone has food left over after a dinner or party. It is very hard to estimate how much is needed, so we tend to prepare too much. The trick is to store the leftovers well and eat them in the days after so nothing goes to waste. Keep all dry and crispy foods with opened packaging in a Home Base. They will stay perfectly fresh and crunchy for weeks longer.

tip: Have a lot of tortilla chips left? Crush them into crumbs using a bag and use them as flavored breadcrumbs in fried dishes.


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