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How to store gluten free products

How to store gluten free products

There are plenty of people who eat gluten free, for plenty of different reasons. Whatever your reason is you certainly don’t go to the trouble or making or buying the gluten free products only to have them contaminated with glutens. Especially if you actually have someone in your family with a gluten intolerance Celiac Disease. These poor gluten free souls can get so sick from something as simple as cutting bread on the same cutting board.

The cross contamination could send a friend, colleague, child or even yourself to the emergency room. Here is a handy guide on how to prevent this, safeguarding your hoard, against the hordes.


Keep all gluten free products together and separate from the rest; as well as a separate cutting board. Storing your gluten free treasures in the Vacuvita Home Base is the best way to deal with this issue as once you vacuum sealed them inside the system nothing can spoil it. Furthermore, it only takes one push of a button to reach the food and seal it back. Yes, it’s that easy.

Compared to normal baked goods, gluten free goods are not known for their texture and moisture. Even so, you still want to keep them at their very best and that is exactly what will happen under vacuum conditions. How about practising the technique with this irresistible desert?

Chocolate cake

Combine in a mixing bowl:

200 gr chocolate

200 gr sugar

200 gr butter

4 eggs

50 gr cornstarch, or any other gluten free substitute to flour.

Blend until smooth and bake at 180o Celsius for 20 minutes and you have yourself a rich chocolaty gluten free cake.

Keep ‘em separated

We recommend to store your chocolate cake in one of our containers. That’s because storing a moist delicious cake with bread would make things weird. The moisture of the cake makes the crust of the bread go soft, while the dry crispy crust can make the cake go dry. Same as the Home Base, our containers can be vacuum sealed and resealed as often as you would like.

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