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How to prevent freezer burn

Freezer burn is the main reason for frozen food to become unappetizing. Freezer burn is essentially the drying out of food which often results in a change in flavor, color and smell.
There are a couple of things that will help you to avoid freezer burn:

Vacuum storage options to prevent freezer burn

Frozen food contains ice crystals that can sublimate. By storing your food in a completely closed environment like a vacuum storage bag or vacuum container you prevent the air from moving around and taking the sublimated ice crystals away from your food. To ensure the best result, it is best to use the right size container. Liquids will expand when frozen so do not fill containers past the max fill line. Foods that don’t expand too much are best kept in a bag. When the air is removed from a bag, it forms a tight skin which protects the food in the best way possible. This will keep most frozen food fresh for many months, if not years.

Keep your freezers temperature constant and below 0 °F

Freezer burn happens when the temperature goes above 0 °F. It is hard to completely prevent this as sometimes you will keep the door of the freezer open when looking for something. Try to minimize the times you open your freezer to look what you still have. Instead, keep track of what and how much of it you have stored by using our app. The last tip is somewhat obvious but often overlooked. Don’t put warm food directly into the freezer, but let it cool down in the fridge first.

Plan to eat what is in the freezer

By keeping track of what you have stored and by planning to use your frozen ingredients or leftovers regularly, you will simply avoid storing food past its recommended storage time. Although most frozen food will keep for a long time and will not form a risk to your health, it will be affected by the effects of time at some point. Use our app to keep track of the recommended storage time and try to consume your food before it starts to lose flavor and nutrients.

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