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Non food sealing for long term protection

Non food sealing for long term protection

In the past, to protect documents and identification people would laminate them. Unfortunately, due to increased security features on such documents and general pickiness, this is a no-no. In fact, it’s destruction of government property and comes with a fine.

‘But it’s my drivers license!’ No, it isn’t; that’s why it can be revoked.

Marriage licenses. Divorce settlements. Property Deeds. Wills. Birth certificates. Warranties. Your first love letter. Photos; even money, should you actually have an excessive amount of it just laying around… uh, seal it in our Vacuvita bags. All of it! This way you ensure their protection against the elements (except fire, we can’t help with that).

A massive flood though would be golden. Your things would be sealed like a time capsule and possibly, in some post flood apocalyptic ‘Waterworld’ they would be found in pristine condition, studied, revered. You’d be famous! Make sure you include a good selfie.

Ok what else? 

Baby stuff. Sure, why not? Baby’s first onesie, socks and beanie all fit beautifully into our medium sized vacuum bags; while in the larger bags you can lovingly preserve your child’s receiving blanket. These are precious keepsakes that you can hold on to forever reminding you of the days when they weren’t sucking your will to live.

Other stuff!

All that glitters is not tarnished. That is a fact. So you ended up with a bunch of silver stuff from some relative. Every time you pull it out of the drawer though, it looks like crap. This is because silver hates air, so do brass and copper and gold. What you can do, after using and polishing said silver monstrosity, is seal it. Air is the enemy here, so when you take air out of the picture your silver, copper, gold, will stay nice and shiny.

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