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Next level picnicking with Vacuvita

Next level picnicking with Vacuvita

Ever wanted to go on a picnic with a friend, your partner or loved one? Painstakingly you’ve planed a meal and thoughtfully placed it into little plastic boxes, stacked and transported everything to the perfect spot. The place with the perfect view over the park and the fountain, were you plan to eat a nice meal and watch the sunset and fireworks.

Or it was a beautiful sunny day when you wanted to hit the beach? You planned and packed a healthy lunch for yourself with a few sandwiches consisting of lettuces and tomatoes and other assorted goodies only to find that everything leaked into everything else, the bread, soggy; your meal had been reduced to a flaccid and sloppy mess.

Well, it just so happens that Vacuvita’s got your back. Our vacuum sealing system was developed with these sorts of conundrums in mind, saving you time, money and frustration.

Let’s plan a picnic; shall we? 

Freshness is key and variety, the spice of life so with that in mind we developed vacuum storage containers which work as crispers. By removing the air you inhibit the naturally occurring bacteria that wilts our food.

Fill a container with salad greens, vacuum seal it and put it on ice (cooling it will further inhibit the bacteria). Now your food is invincible! You can use another container for other veggies or fruit. Vacuvita storage containers also keep bread fresh, so put a few slices or rolls or whatever into another container to bring along. The beauty thing is, our containers are all stylish, stackable and easy to carry which is just another added bonus.

Vacuvita style

Take this opportunity and put to use our re-sealable, re-useable bags. Check out our recipe for sous vide salmon as this delicious food is something that you could literally take straight from the machine to the picnic blanket for your romantic meal for 2. Place the salmon on to the fresh greens you’ve prepared and you have a most delicious salad.

*This will definitely impress the ladies.

Happy picnicking!

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