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How to store potatoes

How to store potatoes

We all want to be economical, right? We want to strike while the iron is hot and get the best deal on everything we can. But what happens when you end up with 10 kilos of potatoes?

Classic storage methods state that you can put them in a cool, dry and dark place and they will stay fresh. It seems easy by design but can still be tricky because when not stored properly, your potatoes could go to waste. Fortunately, this can be easily prevented with some determination and a few tricks!

Mastering the art of storing potatoes

So you bought a big bag of potatoes because they were cheap. You will eat them enthusiastically for a few days, decorate your kitchen with them and then put the rest in the dark to use later… Only when you revisit them, they have shrunken and sprouted and the ones you had on display have become… green?

What are we to do?

The possibilities are endless, as long as you remove oxygen from the equation! Air, the very thing we need to live, is what causes decay. Once you learn that, it’s smooth sailing. With Vacuvita on your side, there is never nothing to eat and no excuse for wasting food.

You should probably know that whole fresh potatoes don’t dry or freeze well. That is why we recommend you to dehydrate them (sliced or diced) before freezing. Storing potatoes under vacuum will keep them away from freezer burn. Find out more about how to prevent frozen food from becoming unappetising.

Not only can you save money by not wasting food, but you could also save time by making months worth of mashed potatoes and keeping them vacuum-sealed and ready to use for a long time. Simply boil the potatoes, let them cool and seal them in your Vacuvita containers or bags, until you’re ready to use them. Could be days, could be weeks. Then once you do use them, you can easily keep the leftovers in one of the storage containers, which are easy to raid and reseal for midnight snack purposes.

If you are not feeling that ambitious and simply want to hoard your stash instead of throwing it all away, you can simply clean and cut fresh potatoes and store them, airtight, for weeks.

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