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How to keep strawberries fresh

As with all seasonal fruits, the best strawberries are only available for a month or so. They will be relatively cheap, but will also spoil quickly. Here are some tips on how to keep strawberries fresh and how to store strawberries for enjoying them outside the season.

Keeping strawberries fresh

When buying strawberries, look for a batch that has a bright red color with no mushy bits and definitely no fuzzy mold. Dark red berries are very ripe and will probably spoil soon. Mush can affect other berries, just like mold. If you do find any mushy or moldy ones, throw them out immediately.

Don’t wash your strawberries!

Introducing water to the berries can actually speed up spoiling. Wash strawberries only just before eating them. Before putting them in a vacuum storage container, dry them with a kitchen towel and place a towel in the bottom of the container.

How to store strawberries

Always store strawberries in the fridge sealed in a vacuum container. This will protect the berries from any outside influences like moisture or light. This way they will keep their color and flavor for a while.

Freezing strawberries

Storing strawberries long term can only be done in a freezer. Unfortunately, freezing will slightly affect the texture, but your berries will still be delicious. When freezing strawberries it is best to remove the leaves and wash them. Pat them dry and put them in a vacuum container . Do not pack them to tight as they might form a big lump that is hard to portion later. Remove the air and freeze them.

Some people prefer to add sugar or syrup when freezing them as it will preserve the flavor better. This however means that they will be a lot sweeter afterwards.

Partially thaw your strawberries before eating. You can also put them in a blender while still frozen if you are making a smoothie or milk shake.


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