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How to make a good espresso

How to make a good espresso

Recently people have entered the realm of ‘coffee elitism.’ Like micro breweries coffee shops have been popping up all over the place, each one like the next claiming to have the best melanges and brews, whether you like fruity aromas or something seriously dark and menacing, everyone has their favorites. Some people have even gone ‘coffee alchemist’ ordering beans from around the world creating and roasting their own blends at home.

But do you know what it takes to make the perfect espresso?

Clean your machine. Only with a clean machine can you achieve espresso zen. If you want a perfect nice tasting anything you have to make sure your equipment is clean. You wouldn’t make a wine reduction in a dirty pan, would you? Likewise with espresso.

Grind your beans. With your machine and all it’s part clean it’s time to grind some fresh (no older than 5 weeks) beans into your group head. You want to do about 18 grams for a perfect espresso.

Tamper-tamper. Give the group head a double tap to level out the ground coffee, get your tamper, lace it on the coffee and apply about 15kg pressure to pack it in. Turn the tamper when you release it to create a flat surface.

Timing is everything. Unless you have an espresso machine with a timer on you’ll have to pay attention to detail. 25-30 seconds for a perfect shot. Too long and its bitter, too short and it’s watery and acidic. 25-30 seconds seriously.

Taste it! You didn’t make it just to look at it, did you? The best way to see if you’ve done it right is to put your money where your mouth is (literally) and test it yourself. Practice makes perfect.

Once you’ve honed your technique you can try your hand at any of the classics; such as Cappuccino, Laté Machiato, or Americano. In case you wanted something really special though, we recommend this:

Café Bombón


1/2 espresso

1/2 condensed milk (sweetened)


Pour the bottom of a glass with your perfect espresso shots. Then slowly pour the same amount of sweetened condensed milk on top. The milk will displace the espresso sinking to the bottom of the glass.

Café Bombón was adapted from it’s asian cousins Kopi Susu Panas (Malaysia) & Kafe Ron (Thailand) with the only difference being that in Asia they use ground coffee and in Europe we use espresso. Now that you have the skills you can try this ridiculously simple and yet rich coffee treat.

There are hundreds of other treats and tricks you can use to impress your guests. Get gutsy and creative and let us know what you’ve come up with!

How To Store Coffee

You’ve found your dream melange and you went for it. . . you have a full kilo of beans and you don’t want to waste even one. There are several options: Grind it, Freeze it, Seal the beans in vacuum bags.

But there’s one problem. Coffee breathes. That is to say, it exhales; CO2 to be specific like all decaying atoms and in order to keep the flavor and aromas where they belong you have to keep it under pressure. Constant pressure. So Vacuvita’s Home Base is the perfect vessel for your precious blend because it constantly regulates the pressure thusly removing the CO2 released by the coffee, keeping it from going stale and losing its flavor.

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