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Freezer storage bags. Simply use what you need and re-seal

Freezer bags. Simply use what you need and re-seal.

Peas, green beans, berries, shrimp, meatballs, carrots, vegetable medleys and other frozen foods stay fresh for a long time. However, not sealing food properly before freezing will cause freezer burn. The same is true after opening the packaging of factory frozen food. One solution is to re-pack and freeze portion size bags. This takes time and uses far more packaging material than needed. The best solution for storing frozen foods which you use small portions of is by keeping them in one of our re-sealable vacuum food storage bags.

Trick to freezing in a storage bag

The trick to freezing in a bag is to spread the contents over the bag as evenly as possible. so the bag is relatively flat. Keep the area around the valve clear. This will optimize the use of your freezer space. It will also ensure that the contents of the bag are quickly and evenly frozen. This way of storing also will keep your food from freezing into a big hard lump so you can easily get out the amounts you need.

If your food is not already frozen, put it in your freezer for an hour before removing the air from the bag. If the food is frozen, you can take out the air for optimal storage. Open the bag to take what you need and re-seal and re-apply vacuum to ensure the longest shelf-life. Freezer burn won’t have a chance.

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