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Best way to store coffee beans

There are a lot of opinions on how to store coffee beans, but most baristas and roasters agree on the facts that air, moisture, heat and light are a roasted beans biggest enemy.

Coffee vacuum container

If you want to store your roasted coffee beans for longer than several weeks, you need an air tight coffee container that protects against outside influences. Many so called air-tight containers still allow for some air and moisture in. The only way to ensure that it is isolated completely is to use a vacuum sealable container.

Maximize your coffee freshness and flavor

The best way to store coffee beans is not to only stop the airflow surrounding it, but to shield them from light coming in. Using a Vacuvita vacuum container instead of a clear air tight coffee container from our competitors already helps a lot.
The second important factor is that coffee beans need to be kept cool, but not too cool. Do not, under any circumstances keep your coffee beans in the fridge. Like with bread, this will age the product even quicker. Store your beans in the pantry or a kitchen cabinet away from the stove or other heat source.

Freezing beans

Only freeze your beans when you have far more than you can consume within the estimated shelf life. Unfortunately freezing beans will always affect the taste somewhat. This effect can be minimized by freezing them correctly in a vacuum freezer bag or a vacuum storage container.
Make sure that you remove your beans from the freezer several hours before grinding.

Minimize waste

Using resealable containers and bags already helps a lot in storing your beans for longer periods, but if anything went wrong and you still end up with some stale beans, consider a cold brewed coffee. With a cold brew, you do not need the highest quality of beans and can still produce a delicious drink for the hotter summer days. It can even be used as an ingredient in deserts or in a barbecue sauce.


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