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Best way to store nuts

Nuts are delicious and nutritious. You can cook with them, bake with them or just eat them as a snack. They are also high in energy and eating a lot in one sitting is mostly not recommended.
Storing nuts for longer periods of time often results in them going rancid and stale. This is because air, light and warm temperatures cause the oil to break down. Nuts will lose their flavor and their nutrition and can even become a health risk when not properly stored.

Storing nuts in vacuum containers

The first step in storing nuts is to store them in a vacuum container . This will stop air flow and minimizes the exposure to light. The air-tight seal will also keep any moisture out. The second step, especially in warmer climates, is to store them in the fridge. Not many people do this because nuts stay edible outside the fridge for days, but storing them in the fridge will prolong their shelf life for up to 5 times longer. Storing nuts ling term is best done in the freezer . Because nuts contain very little water, this will not affect the taste. Frozen nuts keep fresh almost indefinitely and make buying them in bulk possible.


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