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Vacuvita Chef: Easy Pavlova for summer days

Vacuvita Chef: Easy Pavlova for summer days

Question: What do you do with the egg whites that remain after you make mayonnaise?

Answer: FREEZE THEM! Yeah, they can be frozen as already discussed in a previous blog. And when you get many, it is time for a delicious cake.

Bake a Pavlova!


Bring 10 egg whites to room temperature and beat until stiff. Gradually add in 200g of powder sugar and 15ml of lemon juice and mix until the meringue becomes glossy.

To form the meringue, the composition should be placed in the middle of two trays, on baking paper, in the form of 2 equal circles.

Bake for 3-4 hours at 100 degrees Celsius, with the ventilation switched on and the oven door slightly open (depending on the type of the oven). Turn the oven off when the meringue dries to the surface but keeps an elastic consistency on the inside. Let them cool in the oven.

Blend 250g of ricotta (or mascarpone) with 80g of powdered sugar until it becomes a fluffy cream. Make whipped cream out of 250ml of sweet cream and then mix gently with the cream cheese.

Final steps:

Prepare one big pomegranate and 5-6 pieces of passion fruit.

Cover a meringue with a thin layer of whipped cream and ricotta mix; and top with pomegranate beans and passion fruit. Repeat the procedure with the second meringue. If you like mint, decorate with a few leaves.

Pavlova tastes as good with other fruit combinations:

– Pina collada: fresh coconut and pineapple

– Strawberries and raspberries

– Berries

Depends on the season!

And now that I look back at the time when I was afraid to make Pavlova, thinking it was a complicated process… Until one day when I decided to do something with all the frozen egg whites; because I do not like to throw away food. So let’s cut on the food wastage at home and create some delicious meals instead!

Be happy!

Vacuvita Chef

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