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The ultimate cherry pie challenge

The ultimate cherry pie challenge

Life is like a bowl of cherries until you’re faced with some trivial problems like metric conversion. Set your heart on making a particular recipe and you pull out your measuring utensils and are met with frustration and confusion. Your instruments are metric. . . your recipe is imperial or vice versa. . . and now what? What is a cup and how can you be expected to know how to convert this information without ruining this cherry pie you’re craving so hard?

Cherry π

Filling: 28 ounces of pitted cherries OR 5 heaping cups OR 790g

Confusing, right? Well, thats what we mean. Even if there are plenty tips and tricks for this, it’s really not an easy task when you consider that you have to read a massive chart. No, it’s actually a few charts because measurements are different for liquids, solids and powders. Which is why this time we recommend that you just invest in a good set of measuring instruments. With a multitude of scales, measuring cups and spoons on the market with both metric and imperial on them, baking will be as easy as. . . pie.

Now that you got the idea of not stressing yourself with manual conversions, here’s the rest of the cherry pie recipe in metric measurements:

790g of pitted cherries

2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

195g of sugar

3g Kosher salt (or half of that if you’re using regular salt)

40g tapioca starch

Classy flaky pie dough

225g all-purpose flour (plus more for dusting)

15g sugar

2g salt

225g cold unsalted butter

120ml cold tap water

In case you missed our previous post regarding the temperature conversions, you can find it here.

Should you (by some miracle) have any cherry pie left over you can vacuum seal it in one of our Vacuvita containers to keep it fresh for longer.



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