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Sous vide steak

Juicy, tender, evenly cooked – that’s what a perfect steak sounds like. Whether you like yours rare or medium well done, the sous vide technique guarantees you the tastiest results.
To cook your steak in this manner, you will need a steam oven or water bath. More details on this cooking method are given in this article.

Choosing the right temperature and cooking time

Cooking steak sous vide requires some patience. Depending on how thick the steak is, you will need to let it cook for between 1 and 3 hours. Picking the right temperature is really up to your preference and might need a practice run. Here is a quick reference:

Rare 129 °F
Medium Rare 136 °F
Well Done 158 °F

Your preferred doneness will probably fall somewhere in between.

Sous vide bags

The second most important thing is a food-safe vacuum sealable bag. Some will claim that you can use any vacuum zipper bag, but this can introduce several problems. Even the smallest pocket of air in the bag can make it float to the surface and cook your steak unevenly and some of the zipper bags can even leak water into the bag. Cooking steak sous vide is about perfection so you want to avoid any uncertainties. Vacuvita makes sturdy food-safe vacuum bags with a double zip and vacuum valve designed with sous vide cooking in mind.

Searing the steak

Most people like a steak with a seared surface. This adds color, texture and flavor. If you like to know the science behind this you should google “Maillard reaction”, but it suffices to say that this is somewhat of a mandatory step for perfect sous vide steak. To do this, you will need a really hot skillet or grill. If you are more adventurous you can even do this with a propane blowtorch. Sear both sides for a couple of seconds until it has the color that you want. After searing, let the steak rest for a minute or two.

Sous vide ribeye steak recipe

Coat your ribeye with salt and pepper and place it in a Vacuvita bag. Remove the air and keep the steak in the fridge for several hours, depending on how thick the steak is. The salt will penetrate the meat,develop flavor and will help keeping all the juices in.

1.5 hours before serving time, place the sealed steak in the water bath or steam oven at your preferred temperature.
Add about a tablespoon of butter in a preheated skillet and wait until it is sizzling hot. Then quickly sear your steak for a couple of seconds on each side.

Remove the steak from the pan and immediately add a quarter cup of red wine to deglaze the pan. While letting the steak rest, let the wine reduce a little. Drizzle a bit of the pan sauce over the steak before serving.


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