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Vacuvita Chef: Mini quiche to please the guests

Vacuvita Chef: Mini quiche to please the guests

Refrigerate a bottle of white or rosé wine, call your friends and invite them to your place. Meanwhile put your kitchen apron on and cook some tasty bites to suit with a relaxing atmosphere. By tasty I mean some mini quiche that I consider the best choice for a Friday in or any occasion you plan on a gathering with your friends.


Rub between the fingers and then between the hands 125 grams of butter with 200 grams of flour, until a crumb like texture is created. Add an egg and turn everything into dough that you will then put in the refrigerator.

Make a sauce from 225 grams of milk, 225 grams of liquid sour cream and 3 eggs. Leave the mixture in the bowl at room temperature.

Place 4 thin slices of zucchini on the grill. Fry slices of mushrooms and pinch them with white wine (5-6 large champion mushrooms). Torch some cubes of chicken liver with cognac.

Prepare gorgonzola cubes, chopped cheddar strips, mozzarella breed, thin slices of ham, tomatoes, olives, green onions, baby spinach, peas, nuts.


* You will need a mini cake pan for the final step.

Remove the dough from the refrigerator and spread a thick sheet of 2 mm. Cut circles larger than the diameter of the shapes in the tray and press the tart in each shape. Even if you use an anti-adhesive tray, grease the mold with a little butter. Place the tray in the freezer for 15 minutes. Approximately 18 tarts will be made from the prepared dough.

Fill each tart with the blends you have prepared above. Give yourself free imagination but keep in mind that combinations still have to fit together. Mozzarella with tomatoes and spinach, green onions with peas, mushrooms with cheddar and zucchini, liver with ham and olives, gorgonzola with mushroom, cheddar with nuts.

Finally, fill with the sauce above.

Bake quiche at 180 degrees C for 20 minutes or until it is browned on top.

With Vacuvita you can prepare the mini quiche well in advance and also store for later if you have some left.

Be happy!

Vacuvita Chef


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