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Kobe beef extravaganza

Kobe beef extravaganza

Kobe beef is undoubtedly the tastiest meat in the world and if you’re a beef enthusiast it is considered to be the epitome of fine dining. It comes from a breed of cattle called the Tajima-gyu, (Japanese Black) hailing from the Hyōgo region where Kobe is the capital. They were domesticated for use in agriculture centuries ago and kept isolated in Japan’s mountainous landscape. It was this geographic isolation and circumscribe diet which account for the unique taste and texture these cattle have become famous for.

Kobe beef is renowned for its superior flavour, tenderness and concentration of intramuscular fat, or what we know as marbling. There is no greater sin (or disappointment) than an overcooked steak and at upwards of $150 a pound, you’re going to want to get this right. Should you happen to acquire a nice Kobe beef steak, here’s a step by step to cooking the perfect steak.

Sous Vide Kobe Steak for 1

Grocery list:

1 Kobe steak 1 inch thick

Salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

Olive oil

Fresh herbs (optional) – this steak can really stand on its own



1. Let your steak come to room temperature.

2. Turn on your sous vide machine according to how you like your steak.

  • Rare 54°C
  • Medium rare 56°C
  • Medium 60°C

3. Season your steak liberally on both sides with salt & pepper, olive, oil & love.

4. Place your precious steak into a re-sealable Vacuvita bag and seal it. Using this method preserves all the flavour and nutrients.

5. Place it in your sous vide machine and relax. A one-inch-thick steak will be ready in an hour.

6. Preheat a skillet or grill pan over high heat and add butter. Once the butter stops bubbling, add the steak from the bag. Toss in some fresh herbs if you like, for extra flavour. Sear the steak for a minute or so on each side; you’re not really looking to cook it anymore, but to give it a nice seared steak like appearance.

*We recommend that for your maiden voyage that you don’t go crazy with the herbs.

Whether you like your Kobe beef rare or medium, the sous vide technique guarantees you the tastiest results.

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