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How to keep lettuce fresh

How to keep lettuce fresh

Lettuce has always been a hassle to store. If you want to do it properly, the best thing is to use a vacuum container and a couple of kitchen towels. We do not recommend using bags as this can bruise the leaves. Using a vacuum container means there will be less oxidation, but if the edges turn brown, you can cut these off when you prepare the dish.

Keep your lettuce fresh, the Vacuvita way!

Here is the best way to do this:

  1. Break the leaves off the stem.
    Cutting leaves will cause them to oxidize quicker. Storing whole leaves will minimize browning.
  2. Wash the leaves.
    Rinse out all the dirt and bugs on the surface.
  3. Dry the leaves with kitchen towels.
    Storing lettuce when it is moist encourages bacterial growth patting them dry will prevent this.
  4. Put a kitchen towel in the bottom of a large or medium Container .
    This helps catch the last bit of moisture.
  5. Apply vacuum using the Home Base and store in the fridge

How long does the lettuce last?

The lettuce will stay fresh for up to several weeks. How long exactly depends on the sort of lettuce that is stored. The firmer kinds like Iceberg or Romaine will generally stay fresh longer and might last you a month.


See our Storage Table for a complete overview:
Storage table

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