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Freezing your homemade pasta sauce

No pasta sauce is better than the one you make yourself. However, making that perfect sauce is time consuming so you will find yourself making it less often than you or your family would like to have it.

The best solution is to make a large batch of it and freeze your pasta sauce. Not as one big lump however, as that might force you to cook more than you need. The best thing is to portion it in several smaller containers. If you have a big family, using one of our containers will work very well.

Freeze your pasta sauce in cubes!

If you have a smaller household or mostly cook for yourself, here is a neat little tip: get a couple of ice cube trays for larger ice cubes. This way you can fill these with your pasta sauce and freeze so you have neat portions. Seal these frozen cubes in one of our re-sealable bags. this way you can take out the exact amount of sauce that you would need for a meal. After that, just re-seal the bag and place it back in your freezer for when you need another pair of sauce cubes. Heat up the cubes with 2 tablespoons of water in a sauce pan on a low fire, and you are done. It is a real time saver for those nights you have to quickly whip up dinner.

Tip: If you are cooking sous-vide , add one or more of the sauce cubes to the bag before sealing.

Freezing sauce in vacuum bags or containers

Freezing sauce in a vacuum sealed bag or container assures that it will not dry out or lose its flavor and can be stored for months.


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