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Beginners guide to use leftovers

Beginners guide to use leftovers

In the age of convenience it’s easy to forget things. Until you’re faced with some unknown horror in the back of your refrigerator. Some unidentifiable something or other that has evolved into another life form. The Leftovers.

Sometimes you buy food with the intention of making something in particular which gets postponed and then it goes bad; or you didn’t need all of what you bought. If there is a supermarket out there that sells celery by the stalk or halves of onions I would like to know about it. No, we buy large quantities and use maybe an eighth of what we actually buy and we think thats mostly due to a lack of planning.

So here is Vacuvita’s guide on what to do with your leftovers.

1. Plan your meals.

Seems simple enough but it isn’t. When you plan a meal for every day and buy the ingredients for it you’re going to end up with a lot of leftover food uncooked or otherwise. So if you’re making meal plans, plan to use the same ingredients a few times. This prevents you throwing away old carrots and celery.

2. Pay it forward.

Yesterdays batch of Chili Con Carne is tomorrows Chili Fries or sloppy joes or tacos. Just make sure you eat what you’ve made.

3. Bake!

Bananas going stale? Make some banana bread. Got a bunch of apples laying around? Bake a pie. Your family and friends will thank you for it.

4. Soup is the word.

Leftover vegetables for instance make a lovely minestrone soup. Leftover mashed potatoes make awesome patties when paired with grated carrots and whatever else you might have waiting in the crisper; granted you haven’t let it get too far.

5. Improvise.

Berries? Make some smoothies or jam. Avocado getting questionable, a little guacamole never hurt anyone and it would go well with that Chili Con Carne up there. Or a nourishing face mask for that matter.

6. Share.

Have a network, maybe a group on social media where you share your fodder. Maybe you can trade some wayward broccoli for some much needed tomatoes. Instead of running to the shop for bits and pieces check whats in the ‘virtual pantry’. If you only need 2 eggs, why buy a dozen? Maybe you know someone who’s fallen on hard times, so make 2 casseroles and give one away. It will be highly appreciated.

7. Stretch it.

You can get 3 meals out of one roast chicken. No really, it’s true. Day one – roast, day two – risotto, day three – ? SOUP!

8. Keep it fresh.

Lunch meat has a tendency to go off but if you keep in on of our vacuum containers you’ll increase it’s shelf life threefold.

9. Prepare your meals.

Sort of like planning your meals but this method has everything ready at the beginning of the week. Salads, meat, smoothies, all portioned and ready for your consumption. This method is also a good way to eat healthier. It says you eat me, because I am ready and super convenient.

10. Eat the food.

Keep track of your leftovers and have a designated leftover night where everything gets reheated and eaten.

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