About us

The Company

Vacuvita is an International Company with headquarters in Zoetermeer (The Netherlands) and production facilities on various locations worldwide. It was founded in 2013 and soon became one of the most successful companies built on crowdfunding in The Netherlands.

Vacuvita’s mission is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy fresh food for a longer period of time. In order to achieve this we have created a beautiful system, accompanied by containers and bags. This patented innovation will complete the kitchen of modern people that love fresh food and live a sustainable life.

Our Product

Vacuvita is a 100% Dutch Design product created to compliment the kitchen interior, not a machine people want to stow away. We are convinced that great design contributes to the frequency of use.

Thanks to our unique Easy Access Storage system the amount of steps you have to take to save food was reduced to the absolute minimum, so it can easily fit into your daily routine. Its functionality creates a great user experience.

We choose only the Highest Quality Components to ensure a long lifetime for the system as our product is not only for today but also for the future.

Vacuvita’s food storage system combined with its mobile App will transform your kitchen in a Smart Kitchen. Using the App is optional but if you want a Smart Home you will want to have it!

Social Responsibility

Vacuvita is part of a EU research project taking action against food waste, alongside other 25 partners from 12 European countries and China.

The program aims to develop strategic agreements to reduce food waste with governments, business and local stakeholders; formulate EU policy recommendations and design and develop technological innovations to improve valorisation of food waste.

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