Enjoy fresh food every day with the Home Base

The Vacuvita Home Base completes your kitchen. Besides freezing and cooling, every modern kitchen needs vacuum. The Home Base combines ease of use, high quality and great design. Just press the button to open it, place your food inside and close the lid – the Home Base creates and maintains vacuum automatically, taking care of everything for you! more about the Home Base



Keep food fresh up to 5 times longer

Enjoy your daily fresh food, stop food wastage and save money. Vacuvita is a fully-automated and sustainable kitchen system that keeps food fresh for up to 5 times longer! No more freezer burned meat, dried out vegetables and soggy salad.

Did you know an average household wastes 1300 pounds of food a year costing them over $1500?

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Cook like a chef

Have you ever tasted a steak, prepared sous-vide? With your Vacuvita system you can and you will love it! Did you forget to marinate your salmon the day before? In the vacuum containers you marinate in minutes, just in time for your spontaneous BBQ with friends and family. Whether it is marinating, pickling, sous-vide cooking, Vacuvita will help you to cook like a chef. Read our blog for more BUY NOW


Complete Kitchen Package

The complete kitchen package is the best way to start saving food. Including the Home Base, 4 containers and 40 bags, it has everything you need to complete your kitchen with vacuum.

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Keep track and get notified

The free Vacuvita app (optional) will help you unlock the full potential of your Vacuvita system. Place your food in one of the containers or a bag and easily register the contents. The app will help you determine the shelf life of that product and alert you before it expires. Scan a container a see the contents without breaking the vacuum seal. You don’t have to use it, but you can! More about the Vacuvita App

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Convenient vacuum storage

Our containers are a great addition to your Vacuvita Home Base. Suitable for pantry, fridge and freezer, they allow you to further extend your vacuum storage possibilities. Just as the Home Base, the containers are built with high end BPA free materials. They come in 3 sizes and are easy to stack – keeping your food fresh has never been easier. more about Storage Containers BUY NOW

Reduce food waste, care for the environment

Each year, we throw away almost 30% of our food. That’s 2.900.000.000 lbs of wasted food – enough to feed up to 2 billion people for a full year! Storing food in vacuum increases its shelf life up to 5 times. Vacuvita helps you waste less food and achieve a more sustainable footprint. Storage table


Vacuvita Home Base

The main unit of our system, the Home Base is the perfect way to keep your food fresh right on your counter top. It can also be used to apply vacuum to external containers and bags.

Complete Container Package

This container set is the easiest way to extend vacuum food storage to your pantry, fridge and freezer. Consisting of 4 containers in 3 sizes, you will find a suitable one for any of your food.

Vacuum bags - Medium

Vacuvita medium bags are ideal for freezer storage and sous-vide cooking. Made out of durable, multi-layer materials, our bags will keep the moisture inside without letting oxygen through. Each box includes 15 x 2 quart bags.

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